Bortnet SMTP Setup Guide

You can use Bortnet SMTP with any standard email client. We have detailed setup instructions for the most common email clients below:

Choose your Email Client:

• Microsoft Outlook (Windows) • (Mac OS X)

Microsoft Outlook

Open your Outlook email settings.

  • Set the Outgoing mail server to
  • Click on "More Settings..."

Click on the Outgoing Server tab to configure the SMTP server authentication.

  • Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
  • Select "Log on using" and enter your registered Bortnet email address and your Bortnet password
  • Check "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" for secure authentication

Click on the Advanced tab to configure the SMTP port.

  • Enter 587 or 2525 into the Outgoing server port
  • Check "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"

Open your preferences.

  • Click on the Accounts tab
  • Select the dropdown menu under "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" and click on "Edit Server List..."

  • Select an existing SMTP server from the list or click the plus sign to add a new one
  • Select "Use custom port" and enter 587 or 2525
  • Check "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)"
  • Choose "Password" from the Authentication dropdown menu
  • Enter your registered Bortnet email address and your Bortnet password under "User Name" and "Password"

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